KLINGON KLEZ is available year-round.  


Klezmer, with its patchwork quilt of musical influences, is possibly the first world music! KLINGON KLEZ leads participatory/educational workshops and residencies that teach klezmer style in the context of cultural sharing.  


KLINGON KLEZ is a self-managed ensemble. Unless you are already working with an agent and therefore subject to the agent’s position on fees, you may work out fees directly with us. Our fees are flexible, and are affected by things like distance from our home base in Philly and do we really have to take an airplane. We work with presenters to figure out the best arrangements for all concerned. Talk to us!  


KLINGON KLEZ is a juried roster artist for Pennpat: Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour (, an arts granting organization that is connected to the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. Presenters in the ten-state region that wish to book the Klingons may apply for grants that pay up to 50% of artists costs (performance fees, travel, etc). There are three grant cycles per year, in February, June and October.  


For festivals outside the U.S., KLINGON KLEZ is qualified to receive substantial travel grants through U.S. Artists International. A grant can help greatly with trans-oceanic travel costs!  


Contact: Music Director Jack Kessler 215-849-9227

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